Welcome to Proof Page
ProofPage.com is an English grammar and usage proofreading service dedicated to keeping its clients' presence grammatically correct on the world wide web.

It's a fact! The majority of webmasters are talented and creative people who, unfortunately, lack the crucial fundamentals of English grammar, usage, and mechanics. Is your web site really ready for the world to see?

We can help you polish the image your web site presents to the world. Your site should communicate its message clearly, effectively, and correctly. ProofPage.com will catch the errors and suggest revisions so that your site lives up to your intentions and expectations. Your image will be impeccable.

Are you confused about commas, colons, semicolons, possessives and plural possessives, contractions, run-on sentences, dangling participles, subject/verb agreement, or misplaced modifiers? We can help!
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